Monday, April 30, 2012

Me too, me too!

This is one of the rare photos of my sister and I at a wee age. I think I am pulling her hair because I was so jealous that mom had spent so much time with her making those Shirley Temple curls.

I could tell you how she used to follow my brother and me shouting at the top of her lungs, "me too, me too"! And how we managed to overcome sibling rivalries over the years. But I just wanted to tell you she has written and published her first book, a real, bone-i-fied, true-blue book. You can get it over at Amazon. And catch her blog over here: J.S. Colley. If science-fiction and ET are not your cup o'tea I think you will still find it fun to read.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


At breakfast this morning with hubby looking out kitchen window:

With 8 month old I-Pad between us playing this video:

We looked at each other at the same time in amazement. Who knew that on this day in 2012 we would be eating breakfast watching this thing on an unplugged little piece of electronics, metal and glass?

I can understand why our grandchildren have that vacant look in their eyes when we describe the absence of technology when we were kids. Knowing there is still more to come can be a bit overwhelming.

It has come time for a new computer. I have a Sony Viao running WinXP that I purchased used five years ago for $100 bucks. Paid the same for a later model of same computer that I hooked up for my husband because it had Excel which I never use. Networked us together and believed we would be good for at least 10 years. Ha!

Of course, I am the culprit. With Photoshop, my picture and font files, videos and apps, I have pushed memory to its limit. So I ordered a ZT Infinity with 2 TB's and sporting a 6-core processor! Whoopee!
Should be here today. Now my old Viao will be just somebody I used to know.