Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother Dreams

On this mother's day 2014 I thought to dust off this unused blog and write an ode to my daughters because they are, after all, the reason I am being celebrated on this day. 

 Simply because I was a woman I had always considered that someday I would be a mom although I did not dream of it when I was young. I know there were many who did and planned and dreamed all the ways in which they would make the perfect family.

My mothering style was more a learn-as-you-go by the seat of your pants kind of thing and I feel this was both a good/bad thing for us all. Life is life and we learn and grow as we can. You all taught me what it is to really love another human being. You taught me what patience,  joy, pain, loyalty and beauty is really all about. You have all grown into strong, individual, beautiful women and I could not be more proud. Wherever life takes you I could not be more honored to be your mom.