Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sisters and Writers

My sister Janet is a writer.  I love to read and try to follow her recommendations but will never catch up to her. Never. While here this past 2 weeks, I picked out a book from Mary Ann's well-stocked library with my eyes closed. This is what my fingers chose:

Imagine that - me choosing a classic so loved by so many people. I read my sisters article and wondered what reviews/critiques of this book I might find and how they would relate to what I thought of it. Well, there were 353 reviews on Amazon alone. 3,670,000 results when I typed 'My Antonia' on Google. Never pick a classic when you are conducting an experiment. I give it 5 stars.

It's hot in LA!

My time here at Moss Cottage came to an end with a heat wave that is keeping me and the posee indoors until the sun goes down. 

We fight over who gets closest to the air conditioner. It's that hot.

Of course, I let them win. I am like that.

I hit a few thrift stores. Found some stuff. Almost bought a desk and had it shipped until I came to my senses. But sense tells me I will be sorry.
Going into my Love 1942 Journal. Some of it. Oh yea. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Notes from Moss Cottage

Arrived last Sunday to resume duty of cat nanny to the infamous Cat Posee while Mary Ann heads off to Budapest. Minus, of course, one fabulous deputy sheriff, namely, Buck Moss. Seeing Mary Ann standing there with her much bandaged thumb I could only think of this:
Sometimes grief is so real you can slice it like butter...

This time the hubby drove me out and made instant friends with Wyatt and Corky as I knew he would. After feeding them, petting and grooming we all set out on the patio. Seems as if they were waiting. Waiting for Buck.

Ms. Mary set us out for a day trip to Union Station on the Gold Line Metro.

Mike was eager to visit Union Station where his dad and mom were during WW11. She was actually pregnant with him at the time. We sat in almost every seat hoping to have sat in same ones they did so long ago....

The beautiful ceiling inside the station:

Love letters - some from California 1942:

Little Mexico right outside Union Station. Admittedly a very bad video but only 2 minutes, to just get the flavor:

New Project 5 from Corliss Eden on Vimeo.

The train at end of the video took us here:

After dinner in Chinatown we drug our tired legs back on the Gold Line and to Moss Cottage. We told Wyatt and Corky of our great adventure and they told us theirs....

Thursday, August 11, 2011

In Memory of Buckness.....

Last evening I read this: Buck Moss has left the building. Oh yes, I shed a few tears. He was the greatest deputy sheriff a cat nanny could ever have. Only less than a week from saddling up with him again to rustle up some varmints. Sad to say he met his match when he became the varmint in the eyes of two pit bulls.  RIP Bucky-boy. You will be missed.