Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's hot in LA!

My time here at Moss Cottage came to an end with a heat wave that is keeping me and the posee indoors until the sun goes down. 

We fight over who gets closest to the air conditioner. It's that hot.

Of course, I let them win. I am like that.

I hit a few thrift stores. Found some stuff. Almost bought a desk and had it shipped until I came to my senses. But sense tells me I will be sorry.
Going into my Love 1942 Journal. Some of it. Oh yea. 

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mary ann said...

poor corky in HOT los angeles! hope you turned both of the a/c s on. put the big one in the bedroom on the highest fan setting! also get those ceiling fans going.
tell furkids mama will be home on monday night.