Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Puddles everywhere...

This is what we have seen in our sky the past two days:

These led to these:

Which led to today, a day of this:

Yes, it is Monsoon Season here until the end of September

A perfect day to do this:

Also a good day to make a little video showing the first one I made from inspiration in this online class:

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rewinding, Recycling and Rebounding...

The WSOP is over, all the out of town guests back home and although it is still in the 100's here I can feel fall right around the corner - maybe it is the change in the light. 
Today is my birthday - a big one - I am now officially enrolled in Medicare. For the week leading up to today I have spent in my art cubicle reflecting and making A Remains of the Day Journal because somehow it just seemed fitting even though there are a zillion things I want to do. I like the words Remains of the Day, Recycled, Re-purposed and Rebound. It fits, somehow it just fits me right now.

I am feeling the Circle of Life and grateful for mine...