Thursday, July 5, 2012

Studio Tips Thursday

Love this stuff! If you have baggies or files of clipped snippets you want to use for collage but get so frustrated digging through your stash when in the heat of inspiration then this tip is for you.
-Get yourself some Press'nSeal.
-Dump out file.
-Categorize and slap your stuff onto sticky side.
-Decide if some stuff should be tossed (egads!)
-Once mostly covered they can lay on top of each other and the cling only sticks to itself here and there.
-Be amazed at the stash you have collected over the years.
-Use clipboard to hold and for easy viewing and storing.
Took about 2.5 hours to assemble 12 sheets but it used to take me that long to search through a couple gallon sized plastic bags!

Get out your stamp pads and a rubber stamp - stamp on sticky side - turn over and burnish to newsprint - sew around image (did not gum up the needle) - and viola! You have a transfer decal that you can glue or paint on that will not bleed. This reverses the image however so keep that in mind.

Other uses for cling wrap?
-Quick and easy seal for lost bottle caps.
-Excellent for palettes with raised edges-keeps your paint wet for days.
-It is like having a sheet of re-positional glue - so great for mocking up layouts. Sometimes I scan these mock-ups and print them for use in other ways.
-Dust cover for keyboards and other small electronics.


Anonymous said...

Great ideas! Press n' seal, who knew?

julzabro said...

AWESOME idea! I SO need to do this!I have oodles of cutouts n such!XXOO