Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Summer Shadows

Woke up this morning to a cool 68 degree clear blue sky day. Summer is officially over in the desert. 
I have a thing for shadows. Big or small, on concrete, wood, snow or water...

Reflection (a palindromic poem)

Still waters, deep, 
surface like glass reflecting green above; 
and below are trees, sky, 
shadows, leaves, sunlight, 
moving and motionless.
Here silent images shimmer now, 
and - air breathing suddenly - break.
Unbidden feelings confuse
reality and fantasy.
Which is which? 
Fantasy and reality confuse; 
feelings unbidden break, suddenly breathing air; 
and now shimmer images, 
silent here, motionless
and moving....
(sunlight leaves shadows) .
Sky, trees are
below - and above -
green, reflecting, glass-like surface.
Deep waters, still. 
Paul Hansford

I say goodbye to summer shadows...

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