Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh! Hi there!

*Cough *cough *

Sure is dusty in here. Life seems to do that - as you get older everything gets dustier. Cannot really explain why I have not been posting for over a year. 
Oh yes, many things have happened - life goes on its merry way never caring if one can keep up.

But I really miss it, this place in the great wide internet where you can talk and share with literally thousands of like-minded folks who are doing the same. 

Thought about starting a brand spanking new spot where I could thrill and dazzle (or not) and avoid showing my shame of letting this spot go fallow. However, it occurred to me there were fellow procrastinators out there who might be inspired by my confession and get in the same 'pick me back up, dust me off and start fresh approach' of their own blog. 

I once read that the secret to being successful is to 'Just Do It'. Since it is very close to a spanking New Year and I am in the mood for re-newel, I will make this first post in over a year about how I made the grout on my kitchen counters look brand new. Just in case you might have tile counter tops as well.

This is the BEFORE photo. Not a pretty sight. This was AFTER scrubbing with baking soda and vinegar and Dawn detergent. Must tell you the whole process is not an easy task. Took me two entire days. 

This is the product I found on Amazon. Believing it to be a cleaner  instead of the colorant and sealer that it really is, let's just say my first application was a total disaster. I was scrubbing the product in the grout lines with a toothbrush and wiping right away with a damp cloth. Of course it seemed to be making no difference. When all else fails, read the directions! I gave up on the toothbrush plan and found two small old bristle artists brushes that worked much better but totally destroyed them in the end. I think a stiffer brush is needed to get inside the little pockets and bumps of the grout. After painting in the lines you wait a bit until it sets up or dries and then you wipe up with a damp sponge any excess that got on the tiles. I used one with a scruffy side that was necessary when the refresh had dried too long. Takes a bit of practice to get just how damp the sponge should be and not get into the grout lines too much. You will think OMG all this work will just disappear the first time you have to wipe your counter. Which you know is often in a kitchen. But once this hardens in the grout a couple o days - no problem!

Yes, folks this is still how it looks today, almost three weeks later. 

Looking good and feeling good! Now that was done time to harvest what I thought was oranges from my tree but have learned that ain't no orange that is truly a Meyer LEMON tree. Oh well, my good friend Susan is giving me a super recipe for lemon tarts that I am ready to try.

Lemon Marmalade anyone?

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