Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 6 of Cat Nanny Confessions

Sharpshooter failure! Extra Frisky Critter! Me and the boys searched high and low cussing and hissing half the night. Finally decided best to turn in but not much sleep to be had. Wyatt at my feet, ears perked at the slightest sound. Buck up on the table tirelessly keeping an eye out where we last spotted that rascally varmint. Dawn cracked and I opened one eye to see Wyatt on the night stand looking particularly proud. I said "Did ya git him boy"? He just smiled. Swung my feet out o covers for my waiting slippers and right there, o man, was my morning present. 
Seems to me like there is some kind o competition between Buck and Wyatt as to varmint rustling. Buck seemed all ticked off at Wyatt and headed up the bluff after his morning rations.  Corky, she just sits back and looks pretty.

After that needed some nerve juice.

Perfect to start or end a day. Adore Chamomile. Reminds me of Granny Julie's Sassafras Tea.

Decided to have my tea on the patio. Beautiful morning.

After we settled down a bit, we read his MAM'S post from over there where she is galavanting in Paris. 
He meowed and sent her his love.

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