Sunday, December 25, 2011

Yes, dear, there is no Santa - only Love...

Wherever you are on this day and whatever your beliefs, may your hearts be filled with love and peace.

Mom placing the last present, Christmas eve, Brush St., Detroit, MI

This was the year my SISTER (the cute one on the left) ratted me out that I had shown her the doll she is just opening before the big day. See the look on dad's face in 2nd photo. Sigh. Nope, there were no cell phones, X-boxes or computer gadgets. Just dolls, cowboy outfits, ugly pajamas and memories.

This was the year before, 1957 to be exact. 
Brother Chris, sister Janet, Snowman and me.

First place in Highland Park, MI after mom and dad got married.
Sister was sick that day and was only allowed outside for photo.

Hope, Peace and Love.

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