Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's a gal to do?

Technical difficulties! Best laid plans! Resolutions! Life!
Accidentally took photo while playing with I-Pad. Made a cartoon in Sketchy app.

If you are even able to read this it will be a miracle. My Feed Burner (which is now owned by Google) somehow broke and after an entire week of trying to fix it, I decided to go with Feed Cat so won't know if all is well till all of you let me know. Please? Thank you.

Also have discovered that I CANNOT use I-Cloud on my lowly XP run elderly PC computer. Would have made things so much simpler. My friend gave me her unused Wacom Bamboo tablet, something I have wanted for years and there is a learning curve going on with that also. So far I like drawing with the Bamboo Pen much better than the stylus for I-Pad.

So much for techno-babbo. Except to let you know CES2012 began here on Tuesday. These TV's shown in the video were featured there. So all this is not far away. The stuff of science fiction.

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