Friday, February 17, 2012

Smooth Jazz

I have been spending more time the past two weeks on reflection and inspection than I have in my newly organized studio. Also there has been early spring cleaning as there will be house guests galore the first week of March. Funny how things you never notice come to light when you know someone else will see. 

But this is where I am at with my latest project:
Mattie checking my stitches.

This was a bit difficult to get started but find I am enjoying very much all the hand stitching of the raw edges. Just a bit more on the hen then I can back it and begin the machine quilting. I am so excited to have received an e-mail from Pam Allen and to learn she is now offering several online classes. Click on the workshop button on her web site and you will find all the information.

One thing I have learned is that when you are in an introspective mood and wanting to work it doesn't leave much room in your brain to listen to rock, pop or rap. But I have always seemed to work better without total silence, so Smooth Jazz it is. Especially when there is a groovy saxophone or sultry trumpet involved.  Oh, yea.