Thursday, March 22, 2012

Senioritis, spring and serendipity = serenity

No, I have not finished my Pam Allen inspired art quilt. But I did get an e-mail from her and that tickles me pink! My efforts-so-far is lying safely next to my Viking that will do the machine quilting before I square it, attach the binding and cloth hanger.

I am having spring fever.
And a tooth infection.
I am having stress.
Forgetting things.
But finding things looking for what I forgot...

Ice Plant that grew and grew from a little sprig in a pot. The pot is still in there somewhere. 

 covered in bees and butterfly's  

pool in house next door that was recently sold. wonder who will be splashing there this summer

aloe vera baby shoot

I played around with the new filters in the recent Picassa update. So many ways now to change a photo! Technology is amazing but I so yearn to get back to pen and paper, ink and canvas, needle and thread.

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