Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Time and Place

Ok I am still working on setting up my new computer. Files to be moved, saved or discarded. Programs installed and set up. All the while keeping up with the normal attention everyday requires. So last night while doing my usual muti-tasking of tending to e-mails, watching dancing stars, reading Danny Gregory's Peanut on the I-Pad and playing Word with Friends with my mother, I screamed "enough"! So I ran to the studio, grabbed a sketchbook and stuff, went back to my computer and did these in the dark while still watching DWTS.

We are headed to Santa Fe this Friday for a blissful week without computers (well, just the 'pad' - for GPS, you know) where my normal everyday activities will be art galleries, museums, exploring and sketching without so many distractions.

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff! Glad you're going sans computer for a time. We all need to unplug sometimes!