Monday, October 14, 2013

Adventures of a Cat Nanny 2013 X's 4

When I get to cat nanny and house-sit for the fabulous MARY ANN MOSS she always leaves me little road maps of places to see and suggestions of eateries. In 2010 I visited ARLINGTON PARK which you can see the photos I posted if you click on the link. The first thing that amazes you at Lacy Park is the wonderful aroma of roses and fresh cut grass. Wish I could bottle it up and send it to you.
The beautiful Lacy Park in San Merino
This huge Sequoia was amazing!!!

Of course a day of walking in a beautiful garden requires a lovely afternoon nap 
with the fur kids. Took out my sketchbook and new water brushes (love!) and with 
some acrylic ink did a quick sketch.

The first time I came to Moss Cottage I was overwhelmed and inspired by the visual 
and travel journals hand made by MARY ANN MOSS. You just have to visit 
her blog and see for yourself. But make sure you have plenty of time and a 
nice cup of tea by your side. I was so eager to try my hand on a visual journal 
that I went to the nearest drugstore and picked up an everyday lined notebook. 
Which I have come to realize was a mistake. I spent too much time sewing pages 
together, painting and gluing to make it sturdier. But I have kept it and been 
working on it none-the-less as sort of a diary-for-when-I-make-a-real-one.

The four hours to make it back to the ranch gave me time to reflect and think about the 
future. Hope all is well where ever you are!

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Mary Ann said...

corky those sketches are pure 100% fabu effing less!!!! that totally looks like wyatt and now you've inspired me to sketch him in watercolor. your patio sketches are incredible! hurry back so we can play together.