Saturday, October 19, 2013

Birds of a Feather

There is nothing better than having play dates with like-minded friends. We study hard at the Wednesday Poker Discussion Group to perfect our game but once in awhile one needs an outlet to let off some stress and girls just wanna have fun! 

Karri's collage

Diane makes a pinwheel.

Yvonne's collage using citra solv and napkin transfers.

Our get together focused on techniques to be used in the making of a visual art journal. Full on experimentation that led to the idea of making this a weekly event. 

Journal page made by yours truly from collage bits of poker ephemera and napkin transfers.   
Yvonne's amazing sneakers made with the napkin transfer process.

Had a blast shopping for goodies at Blick's!

Tuesday is our day at the studio for our 'birds of a feather' group. All curious cats are welcome! 


julzabro said...

SOoooooooo jealous! Looks like fun and you created some beautiful pieces! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

I love experimenting and learning new skills, especially in good company. This made me happy. Thank you, Corky. Yvonne

Luvin Poker said...

So glad I stumbled across your page. Nice to see familiar faces and fun and beautiful projects.